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Scientific and practical seminar

Innovative health-saving technologies in speech adaptation
of educational process participants

Target audience

- specialists of preschool and school educational institutions (including specialized and special correctional institutions):

• speech therapists;
• pathologists;
• education psychologists;
• social pedagogues;
• support service specialists;
• teachers of preschool and school educational institutions;

- students and graduates (young professionals) of pedagogical universities, technical schools and colleges.

Goals of scientific and practical seminar

To introduce teachers to the unique classification model of objectified health saving technologies in the field of speech activity, which is a compensatory mechanism in complex adaptation of participants of pedagogic interaction: to training activities, professional activities, quantitative and qualitative overload of speech and voice apparatus

Scope of application

educational institutions:

- preschool and school educational institutions;
- preschool, special schools and special correctional educational institutions;
- medico-psycho-pedagogical commissions (school, district, city);

medical institutions:

• clinics, speech therapy points, speech clinics;

social security institutions:

• centers of development and adaptation of children;
• rehabilitation centers;
• nursing homes.

Indications for use

• preschool, primary and secondary school children including children with development particularities and speech disorders;
• comprehensive training for systematic education in the school;
• prevention of oral speech disorders and higher mental functions disorders;
• prevention of verbal and psychological disadaptation of the child to micro and macro society;
• prevention of diseases of speech and voice apparatus and functional state of teachers' organisms;
• forming of a healthy and developing speech environment.

Duration 2 weeks
Volume 32 academic hours
Form 8 lessons, 4 academic hours each
Date of the beginning  
Address St. Petersburg, Russia

тел.: 8 (911) 298-84-97, 8 (921) 572 85 98
Office 225, 4 Gromova street, 195196, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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