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Center «Cicero» offers a series of scientific-practical seminars for specialists and teachers. All seminars harmoniously fit into the organizational and procedural parts of the implementation of such projects as «Complex development of speech functional system of the child» and «Adaptation». Scientific and practical seminars, united by a common goal, can be presented to the listeners as a single course (in the amount of 72 hours) with possibilities to visit all the seminars one by one or to choose several of them.

Specialists of the «Cicero» center, as authors and developers of innovative health technologies proven in educational, health and social protection institutions provide listeners with both the results of testing technologies and scientific-theoretical base of the research and the methods of using technology in teaching practice.

Innovative health-saving technologies in the sphere of speech activity have the properties of educational process modernization in the preparation period and during the technology operation, having a health-saving orientation not only for students, but also in respect of experts and teachers, converting speech environment of educational process and pedagogical space.

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