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Innovative health-saving and health-creating technology "CICERO. Logo diakorr 1" has successfully passed the tests on educational, health and social protection in various regions of Russia; is enabled and successfully applied in the long-term targeted program "Social rehabilitation of disabled children "The Right to be equal" for 2012-2014; the project «Children's villages-SOS», under the auspices of the largest international charitable organization that supports children-orphans, children left without parental care and children threatened with the loss of family.

Today the results of the program application are published in the 19 printed works; declared at the city, national and international seminars, forums and conferences (more than 25 performances) on the subject: health saving, inclusive education, psychological, verbal, and social adaptation of children.

«CICERO. Logo diakorr 1» technology is a modern educational model, which ensures the successful socialization of children including children with disabilities, through the professional development technology of the system of psycho-pedagogical and medico-social support of students.

тел.: 8 (911) 298-84-97, 8 (921) 572 85 98
Office 225, 4 Gromova street, 195196, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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