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The need of innovation development - technological structures arises in connection with ideas of teaching process management. The main causes of this need are: first of all, the changes in society with understanding that there is a crisis situation in school and education; the desire of teachers and the public to improve the education of the younger generation; dissatisfaction, caused by the results of training and the inefficiency of pedagogical improvisation. Secondly, with the presence of teachers: some are willing to assume the burden of responsibility for the created innovative technology, ready to share their ideas; others try to duplicate, to adopt the experience. Thirdly, with the positive attitude of the society to new technologies. Arbitrary actions are contrasted with strong algorithmic instruction, a system of actions, and consistent transition from element to element.

Today, there is an aggravation of problems in the pedagogical practiceconnected with the formation of a developing speech environment of higher quality. Professional pedagogical activity is characterized by: the risks associated with high quantitative and qualitative overload of speech and voice apparatus; high requirements for the quality of the communicative activity of a teacher in the light of new educational standards. Difficulties in the formation of the speech functional system of students due to impaired neurological, psycho-physical development are aggravated. These data suggest the introduction of health-saving technologies in the sphere of speech functional system within the education system.

Multifactor nature of socio-economic, medical, pedagogical and psychological problems, as well as requirements for the results of the quality and accessibility of education, in the framework of the national project «Education» and Federal State Educational Standards ofthe 2nd generation update the use of innovative health technologies in the system of preschool institutions, schools, includingspecial correctional educational institutions.

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