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The process of the personality formation happens during the school period of life (physiological and psychic). Thus, the development of the organism very often occurs outside the norm of reaction, functioning on the «razor blade». As the result, difficult, problematic, dysadapted children are formed, they have a denial of expression, including autism, a manifestation of inadequate and marginal behaviour, and drift to the various forms of virtual reality (Dobrotina, N.A., 1998)..

One of the important indicators of physical and mental health, and success in education is a child's speech. According to Professor A.N. Korneva's research, 10 - 50% of elementary school students have dyslexia as an obstacle to learning, 20 - 30% - dysgraphia. According to various authors, dysarthria is found in 43% of cases among younger schoolchildren, stuttering represents 1.6%, and the delayed speech development – in 34% of cases.

For children with difficulties in development of reading and writing, as a rule, the experts usually find a weak formation of analysis and synthesis, memorization and reproduction of temporary consecutive incentives; lack of formedness or hypoplasia of the higher mental functions: disorders of arbitrary concentration, reduced mental performance, weakness of spatial perception, imperfection of the complex forms of visual - motor coordination.

More than 50 % of children with speech disorders remain maladjusted to the social environment and are unable to communicate properly.

A combination of speech disorders with sensorimotor impairment, minimal brain dysfunction, attention deficit syndrome, hyperdynamic syndrome, excessive mental and muscular tension, different vegetative dysfunctions demand from experts-logopathologists to apply a complex approach with the use of a variety of medical, physiological, psychological, pedagogical, and defectologic methods and techniques, as the main methodological reception is considered to be the principle of comprehensive development of all systems of the vocal apparatus and their activities in close interaction with each other.

Sometimes traditional methods and techniques are not able to reveal the physiological possibilities of body self-regulation objectively and purposefully, with optimal physiological costs of an organism, energy price, which is especially important for prevention and correction of speech, and of a functional condition of an organism of the child.

Relevance of the problems has identified two main areas of the project activity of the Center: «the Project of child speech functional system complex development «CICERO» and «Speech adaptation» project.

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