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There have been some significant changes in the development of four year olds. The body of a child is changing in its proportions, the process of posture and gait formation is very active, the child is getting used to its own basic pose when standing or sitting but muscles that support the spine are not strong enough and children get tired very quickly. This can cause various problems with the spine and posture. When your child is five years old, all these habits are usually firmly formed, children are capable of doing all the basic moves and of controlling their bodies.

They become more attentive to the external world and information about it, their outlook is getting wider and there appear first critical views and even the first jokes that your child makes on its own. Such higher mental functions as perception, memory, attention-focusing, imagination and thinking abilities are undergoing drastic changes in their development during the period from four to five years old that enable active speaking skills and the storing of a wide range of facts regarding the organization specifics of the external world.

In this age children also develop so called "effective goal setting" that means that they desire not only to attain and use a particular object, but also to create something new on their own.

Five year old children perceive everything rather actively and the ability to imagine things outside their own experience is formed in this age as well. They start to use images of objects to fulfill thinking processes and this is fundamentally different from the mechanisms of thinking that they used before. Another feature of this age is rapid development of a child's imagination. It is the most active age in human life in terms of speech activity and productivity.

How often does a child's development appear to be completely normal and implies no deviations? According to statistics, over 65% of children worldwide suffer from aberrations or from underdevelopment of higher mental functions (especially speech functions). In the case that your child has even minor deflections in speech skills you are highly recommended to consult highly qualified and experienced specialists. Perfect pronunciation and articulation is not an indicator of well-developed speaking skills.

Any minor deviations in psychomotor and speech development of the child can cause the following:

- Underdevelopment of higher mental functions (memory, attention focusing, thinking skills)
- Speech function delay and aberrations through all the aspects of speech:
- Phonetic;
- Phonematic;
- Lexical;
- Grammatical;
- Semantic;
- Problems in attaining new learning skills;
- Lagging behind at school;
- Psychological problems in relationships with friends, teachers, parents, etc;
- Disturbances in the psycho-emotional sphere, namely in self-control and self-regulation areas;
- Dysadaptation to the micro- and macro- external environments


Advanced development of speaking skills:

- Formation of proper pronunciation;
- Enhancement of the phonematic perception of speech;
- Development of grammatical and lexical aspects of speech;
- Storytelling skills;
- Development of dialogic speech.
- Training, improvement of such higher mental functions as memory, attention focusing, learning activity.
- Formation of communication skills.
- Improvement of general and fine motor skills.


- Individual;
- Minor groups (up to 3 pupils);
- In groups (4 pupils);

Classes lasting 60 minutes are scheduled two times a week and are tutored in an entertaining and informative manner. Highly qualified neurologists, teachers and psychologists will professionally diagnose and enhance the overall development of your child.

Initial diagnostic screening that helps the proper formation of groups is FREE.

Parents are welcome to attend the classes to get acquainted and implement the attained knowledge in practice and in a more effective way.

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