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All employees at the CICERO center have substantial pedagogical experience (over 15 years) and specialize in the highest qualifying categories within their selected fields, using their own authorized methodologies and approaches. Working with children individually or in groups, our specialists have achieved stable, positive results using visual methods, the principles of consistency, simplicity, and systematic approaches in presenting learning materials.


Specialists at the CICERO center carry out diagnostics to determine the level and development of speaking skills as well as psychological and psycho-physiological balance by means of a unique combination of innovative IT software and traditional methods. As a result, based on their detailed diagnostics, specialists can come up with an objectified individual profile of a child's development and can provide individual recommendations to effectively navigate and support a child in further psycho- pedagogical correction and development.


Specialists apply complex approaches to the correction and development of higher mental functions,thus eliminating the causes and not only the consequences of the child's failure to learn, communicate, behave properly, and etc.


Special occurrences are managed by a combined multi-disciplinary approach to diagnostics and correction in cooperation with leading specialized clinics and medical organizations of Saint-Petersburg.

Therefore, all questions connected with speech abilities, behavioral aspects, and learning-process difficulties that a child may face can be easily resolved by the CICERO center.

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