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Specialists of the Center, having 15 years of experience in the sphere of creation and application of innovative health technologies in the education system, explore new directions in the sphere of speech activity, that require technological approach.

Studying the experience of scientific and practical activity in Russia and abroad, experts of the «Cicero» Center are constantly working on creation of contemporary models of diagnostics, correction and improvement of higher verbal and non-verbal mental functions. Some computer technologies on the base of which it is possible to create for children of preschool and younger school age new stereotypes of speech, speech behavior, speech adaptation to the school and social adaptation are being developed in the framework of the project «Complex development of the speech functional system of the child «Cicero». These technologies being based on the pedagogical principle «from simple to complex» contribute to the gradual formation of a speech from the corresponding standard elementary functions to the development of the speech functional system that meets the standard. Development of speech and intellectual activities and formation on its basis of a conceptual thinking contribute to the development of the intellect.

The result of the analysis of scientific and practical research in the sphere of innovative diagnostic and development of speech functional system are published in journals, reviewed by SCC, collections of national and international conferences, monographs, scientific and methodical manuals, thematic publications.

Testing of studies, within the specified direction, is carried out by specialists of the Center during Russian and international conferences and forums, scientific and practical seminars.

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