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«CICERO. Logo diakorr 1»

Отзывы "Логодиакорр 1"

Отзывы "Логодиакорр 1"

Отзывы "Логодиакорр 1"

Отзывы "Логодиакорр 1"

Отзывы "Логодиакорр 1"

R. R. Nasyrova
Speech therapist in The Central Psycho- Medical Supporting Service, Sestroretsk, Russia

«The software is extremely vital, innovative and simplifies a speech therapist's practice quite a lot. In my opinion this software is indispensable for successful diagnostics and long going correction of children. Thank you very much».

V.V. Budrina
Speech therapist of School #324, Kurortnij district, Leningrad Region, Russia

«Nowadays application of this kind of software is topical and important due to the fact that it implies the following main tutoring and didactic principles as its basis:

1. Gradual loss of simplicity enables understanding of complicated, advanced skills and concepts.
2. Interactive playing mode which presents material.
3. Individual approach to a child.
4. Repetition of typical exercises in different tasks.
5. Entertaining material that is available for any child's understanding.

As a result we get a universal, optimized system of diagnostics and correction of children with various aberrations and levels of development».

T. V. Klokova
Speech pathologist in school 565, Saint- Petersburg, Russia

«In up-to-date educational institutions there is a strong need for innovative technologies for speech correction and the improvement of speech and other higher mental functions. The number of children suffering from various higher mental functions' aberrations increases dramatically from year to year. Diagnostics and correction are becoming more and more sophisticated. New software solutions aimed to facilitate the duties of specialists and teachers are more than just useful, they can help to involve children in studying processes in interactive ways and this will help to adapt them more effectively to their school environment and society as well. I think that "CICERO. Logo diakorr 1" is the program that presents itself as an essential item among inherent tools of every teacher in every school».

A.S. Zhuravskaya
Speech therapist in The Central Psycho- Medical Supporting Service, Sestroretsk, Russia

«The computer program is unique and for sure interesting for specialists among all sorts of correctional operations. In my opinion this software is more than useful for diagnostics and testing of newcomers to schools as nowadays schools lack analytics when forming classes and smaller groups for enhanced studying of certain subjects. Moreover, I think that the program should contain more interactive activities that enhance optic- spatial perception as this aspect is becoming more and more topical nowadays».

V. A. Perevozchikova
senior Speech therapist in The Central Psycho-Medical Supporting Service,
Kurortnyj districs, Saint- Petersburg, Russia

«The software is essential for every practicing speech pathologist and, in my opinion, can be quite important for effective work in supporting service specialists. The diagnostics module and accompanying materials are extremely detailed and elaborated in a highly professional manner. This software provides effective combination of innovative diagnostics approach and scrutinizing analysis of the individual features of a child. The most impressing part of the delivery set for me is it's user friendly and detailed description of the methods with accompanying recommendations that help to elaborate appropriate conclusions as well as practical guidance (with a suggested list of exercises) for a child that focuses on its individual features and needs».

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Office 225, 4 Gromova street, 195196, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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