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Welcome to the official website of
The Center for Diagnostics and Psycho-Pedagogical Support
of Family and Children, "CICERO"!

The "CICERO" center provides the following services:

  • Diagnostics.
  • Preventive care to reduce the risk of disorders; correction and development of speech and higher mental functions.
  • Individual profiling (including child's psychological and pedagogical development).
  • Creation of psycho-pedagogical support plan for your child.
  • Verbal, psychological, functional and social adaptation of children and adults.

Uniquely designed scientific seminars, workshops and consultations for such specialists as: speech therapists, speech pathologists, educational psychologists, social care teachers, primary school teachers, nursery school teachers, students of pedagogical institutions of higher education.

Unique methods of diagnostics, preventive care, correction and development of speech, higher mental functions, and functional status of preschoolers, primary school children, and adults.

Unique computer correctional and diagnostic psycho-pedagogical program "Cicero. LOGO diakorr 1" for the diagnostics, preventive care to reduce the risk of disorders, correction and development of speech and higher mental functions among the preschoolers and primary school children.

Publishing of study guides for professionals; articles about contemporary approaches to complex diagnostics and remedial education; topical issues.

тел.: 8 (911) 298-84-97, 8 (921) 572 85 98
Office 225, 4 Gromova street, 195196, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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