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Complex Psycho-Pedagogical Computer Software
«CICERO. Logo diakorr 1 profi»
(part 1 – non-speech higher mental functions)

Цицерон. ЛОГО диакорр 1
Цицерон. ЛОГО диакорр 1

I. Applicability of the software

• Diagnostics, prevention, correction of aberrations and enhancement of higher mental functions of pre-school and elementary school children having peculiarities in the development of higher mental functions.
• Creation of individual plans of correction and development of psychological and pedagogical aspects in children's development on the basis of carried-out diagnostics.
• Successful adaptation to micro- and macro- social environment.
• Contribution to unified correctional experience by means of statistical reports automatically generated by the software, so that every case is registered to use this accumulated knowledge in enhancing diagnostics and correction in similar cases.

II. Novelty of the software

1. This is the first innovative professional software elaborated to equip speech pathologists.
2. For the first time, both in psychological and logopathy practices, this program provides advanced diagnostic and professional correction of identified aberrations.
3. The foundation of the program is a testing method of logopedic diagnostics and correction.
4. The program provides ready-to-use tests, questionnaires and conclusions. It also provides automatically generated results depending on the attained score.
5. This software contains statistical modules of results representation that enables six types of final reports including group, individual and inter-group combinations to contrast the individual and group progress though the working sessions, namely:

Textual document “Speaking skills”;

Tables and figures “Detailed report”, “Summary diagnoses report”, “Comparison of diagnostic profiles”;

Figures “Chart of marks”, “Comparison of marks charts”;

6. The program enables the team of specialists to create a unified information field based on integrated algorithms of:
• Diagnostic-correctional sessions;
• Specialized book-keeping;
• Score-based marks;
• Exporting and importing of patient's information in electronic and interactive modes.

III. Advantages of the software:

Цицерон. ЛОГО диакорр 1
Цицерон. ЛОГО диакорр 1

1. Usable realization of main pedagogical principles in practice.
2. Multilevel representation of diagnostics and correctional teaching material based on:
• age;
• sessions' orientation:

- diagnostics on various levels of a child's development and applying different methods of conducted research;
- correction, development, enhancement and prevention of any aberrations;
- support during speaking, school and social adaptation;

• level of complexity of realized diagnostic-correctional exercises.

3. Module-based structure of the program enables its ability to be altered to meet individual needs.
4. Creating individual plans of correction and development of psychological and pedagogical aspects in children's development on the basis of carried-out diagnostics.
5. Implementation of easily-altered targeted diagnostics.
6. Ensuring effective motivation among all stages of learning processes, stirring up of cognitive activity.
7. Reduction of learning skills formation and rehabilitation time-frame.
8. Upgrading of specialist's work place:
• setting up specialist's work place;
• optimization of document flow:

- formation of patients' database;
- statistic summary of carried out research;
- usability and variability of attained results representation;

• opportunity to conduct academic research.
9. Enhancement of organization's effectiveness:
• implementation of various projects;
• attestation;
• licensing;
• accreditations.

IV. Indications for application the software:

- children with peculiarities of development in areas:

- intellectual, physical, psycho- emotional;
- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHS);

- children with speech abnormalities: dislaliso, dysartria, stammering, dyslexia, dysgraphia, rihnolalia, mutual speech underdevelopment;
- transfer from elementary to secondary school.

- psychological and communicative adaptation to systematic learning at school;
- development of communication skills, communication in new study environments and with new friends at school as well as teachers and adults;

Propaedeutic (most basic skills):
- preparation for effective attainment of new learning skills;
- creation of enhanced analytic functioning in learning process (literate writing, fast reading, maths, etc.);
- formation skills to generalize and systematize attained information;
- complex preparation to systematic studying at school;

- prevention of aberrations and underdevelopment of higher mental functions;
- prevention of communicative and psychological dysadaptation to micro and macro environment.
- prevention of abnormalities in oral and written speech as well as higher mental functions;

V. Diagnostic-correctional course enables you to:

• conduct accurate diagnostics of: visual and auditory perception and attention focusing and memory; readiness to engage in school studies; mental perception abilities; visual gnosis; constructive praxis; visual and spatial gnosis and; praxis; motility, anatomic structure and mobility of vocal apparatus as well as breathing and vocal functions.
• creation of an individual plan for the correction and development of your child.
• prevent disorders of higher mental functions and further improve and develop higher mental function and communication skills.
• achieve the best result in the shortest period by means of individual approach in correction.
• enhance progress in studies.

VI. Primary audience:

Цицерон. ЛОГО диакорр 1
Цицерон. ЛОГО диакорр 1

The software is aimed for:

- Speech-therapists;
- Speech-pathologists;
- School psychologists;
- Social workers;
- Specialists of supporting services;
- Kindergarten teachers;
- Students and young specialists of pedagogical educational institutions.

VII. Area of applicability of the software:

Educational institutions:
- schools;
- specialized schools and correctional educational institutions;
- medical, psychological and pedagogic commissions;

Health care institutions:
- hospitals;
- speech correction clinics;

Social protection institutions:
- centers for adaptation and development of children;
- rehabilitation centers;
- boarding schools.

The software is aimed to conduct complex psycho-pedagogical diagnostics and correction as well as to develop and enhance basic communicative skills of children of preschool and elementary school age who have aberrations in speech and higher mental functions development.

The program is fully computerized and does not require any special devices. It does not require direct physical contact with a child and does not affect child's health. The software does not have any contraindications.

VIII. The software can be used:

- locally;
- in combination with traditional methods for the diagnostics and correction of speech and other higher mental functions;
- as a part of computer soft hardware complexes for diagnostics of speech and functional states of organisms using biological back-coupling;
- as a part of entertaining computer gadgets and devices;

IX. Best ways to conduct classes:

индивидуальная форма работы (диагностика)
индивидуальная форма работы  ( коррекционно-развивающая)
(communication or educative based)
работа в паре
pair work
подгрупповая форма работы
minor groups
групповая форма работы
work in groups
индивидуально-групповая форма работы
consecutive interchange

Depending on chosen stage and particular program mode, diagnosis and psycho- emotional features of a patient the following types of classes are recommended:

• individual;
• pair work (competition, communication or educative based);
• minor groups (competition, communication or educative based);
• work in groups;
• consecutive interchange of individual, pair or group work;
• all-inclusive sessions based on a biological back-coupling method;
• combination of the software and traditional methods for the diagnostics and correction of speech and other higher mental functions.

X. System requirements:

- Intel Celeron 1.4 Hz
- RAM 256mb and more
- Video 1024*768, 32bit
- Soundcard
- 2Gb on HDD
- Win2000\XP or SP2

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